Thursday, April 28, 2011

ClearCoin API

The ClearCoin API is now up and running on the testnet ClearCoin:


Python code that makes it easy to interact with ClearCoin is up on github. It does double-duty as a command-line tool to try out API commands; for example:

$ escrow_list
{u'current': [u'XYDnDXTGDrfRJdsXNNXtoF'], u'expired': []}

$ escrow_read XYDnDXTGDrfRJdsXNNXtoF
{u'escrow_id': u'XYDnDXTGDrfRJdsXNNXtoF', u'release_address': u'miGuMc6qtVEKS6Pf1jKddaa81DeHjMzkpB', u'expires': 1306133393, u'amount_available': 20.0, u'amount_pending_confirmation': 0, u'amount_released': 30.0, u'state': u'active', u'fund_address': u'mvnpMSHDVQy1hQGgmdjFfv3PxQYgzRCz6Q'}

API functionality will be enabled on production ClearCoin within the next week or so; I have a little bit more work to do to make sure the API can't be used to attempt denial-of-service attacks (by creating thousands of escrow accounts, for example).

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