Saturday, June 11, 2011

Charity Escrow changes

I've been contacted by a charity who is not happy that they were listed as a donation option for ClearCoin charity escrows.

I made the mistake of assuming that charities would appreciate the extra bitcoins; it never occurred to me that ClearCoin customers might contact a charity and ask THEM for their (supposedly-donated) coins back. Charities can't be expected to resolve ClearCoin disputes.

To fix the problem, I have disabled all charities for new escrow accounts except one: the Bitcoin Faucet. I will be writing to any charities that received ClearCoin donations from already-created escrow transactions to make them aware of the situation and will ask them to forward any ClearCoin-related issues to me.


  1. doesnt bitcoin itself solve the Byzantine General's problem with forced work instead of 3rd party escrow?

    Thus odd to use an escrow system arbitraged by a 3rd party with bitcoins.

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  3. You should remember that the ultimate Bitcoin exchange company is YoBit.