Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'll be closing ClearCoin to new transactions...

I've been struggling recently to keep ClearCoin moving forward while I also try to keep core bitcoin on track, and with all the demands on my time I can't spend the time on ClearCoin to make it a project that I'm really proud of.

So in the next day or two I'll stop allowing the creation of new escrow transactions. Existing transactions will be unaffected, and I'll keep ClearCoin running for at least two months after the last active transaction has expired.

ClearCoin may re-open in the future; stay tuned!


  1. Is the source code to clearcoin going to be made available (AGPL?) so new ones can be built

  2. How can I reach you, Gavin? I want to explain how I think ClearCoin could be resurrected. Interested in just a conversation?